This WAS one of my favorite sweaters, pullover, long, cozy and washable. More than 15 years old. I don't get rid of things quickly, especially if they cost a bundle to begin with (this was from Nordstroms). I haven't worn it for several years because it was over-sized and boxy and I felt uncomfortable in so much sweater. SO last year (2011) I got this brainy idea to convert it to a cardigan and wear it as a jacket. Well there it sat for a full year, buttons and I love these buttons, and ribbon purchased, inspiration missing.

Finally this year during the holidays, I figured what the heck, I hadn't worn it in so long that if I totally messed it up I wouldn't miss it and could always make a pillow out of it. Well here it is, my remade asymmetrical cardigan.
Sorry about the photos, it looks much better on but I stink at taking self portraits.

So how did I do it? Really simple once I got started.
1. I drew line with chalk where I wanted to cut, folded on the line. pinned it with an overlap and tried it on. Wow, fit better already.
2. pulled out the pins and sewed a line down each side of the chalk line. held my breath and cut on the chalk line.
3. I then sewed the grosgrain ribbon to the outside of the cut, then folded the ribbon to the inside and top stitched, close to the edge, finishing the ends.  
4. Next I tried it on and pinned and marked where I wanted the buttons/snaps to be placed. A little hand sewing (I'm not the master of this as you can tell).
Because of the asymmetrical nature of this, the inside flap kind of hung and gapped so I simply took my left over ribbon and attached one end to the seam of the overlapping side near the arm hole and the other end to the edge of the under flap side, cut it and now I can tie this in a little bow to keep a nice flat front without gaps. I'm thinking a button on the seam and a button hole in the ribbon would have been classier but I'm all about fast not too much about details you can't readily see.  

My next project will be to put a zipper in an old sweater, I just might get to it before 2014.

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  1. Wonderfully done! I get inspired, buy or find the bits needed then get sidetracked. It is fabulous when I actually get to finish a project...oh the anticipation! Love your finished piece. Awesome job.